Product return or exchange policy:

On our website we sell foods, some of which must be continuously maintained cold, avoiding exposure to heat or sunlight. For this reason, and to ensure our products’ quality, we establish the following policy on product returns, retractions and exchanges:

  1. It is expressly established that there will be no right to retraction established in letter b) of article 3 ibid. of Law 19.496 regarding products or services acquired via the website; for this reason, the policy on product returns, retractions and exchanges is wholly governed by the points in the following numeral.
  2. The following product return or Exchange policy is established:
  • If a customer has purchased a product which has not yet been dispatched, they may solicit a cancellation of the purchase by telephone call at +56 9 6309 6067 or by email to [email protected]
    • Our sales team will do everything possible to cancel product dispatch and immediately cancel the charge on the chosen payment method. We emphasise that the return of funds may appear in the next bank statement or the following one, according to the emitting bank’s policies.
    • We emphasise that our business hours are from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 18:30 and that emails may be reviewed with up to 5 business hours of delay.
    • In case product dispatch cannot be stopped, the following steps will be taken.
  • If the product has already been dispatched and cannot be stopped en route, or if the client has already received it, the following return policy is established:
    • Products which are not foods and remain sealed in their original packaging can be returned or exchanged. In this case, the customer must write within the next 48 hours to product reception at  [email protected]requesting the exchange or return. In this case, the customer will pay shipping costs, and returns will be coordinated by email. Once the product is received in the previously indicated state, the charge on the payment medium used by the client will be reversed.
    • Non-food products which have been opened cannot be returned or exchanged.
    • Food products cannot be exchanged or returned after being dispatched, in order to guarantee our products’ quality and integrity.