Australis Sturgeon Caviar

The southernmost caviar in the world

Sturgeon’s caviar is, since ancient times, one of the most appreciated products in gastronomy. Now, in the pure and abundant waters of South America, Beluga and Oscietra species of sturgeon are farmed with the purpose of producing caviar of the highest quality.

“The southernmost caviar in the world”.

Our female sturgeons are cultivated in the best conditions: large outdoor oxygenated pools with sustainable, pure and recirculated water, without any vaccines or pesticides.

Caviar Oscietra

Oscietra Sturgeon Roe - 50 grams

One of the most valued in the world, this Oscietra Caviar is soft and loose, has an oil-green colour with a diameter between 2.7 and 3.1 mm.

Caviar Oscietra

Caviar Oscietra

Oscietra Sturgeon Roe - 30 grams

Its roe consistency is smooth and firm at the same time.

Caviar Oscietra

Caviar Oscietra

Oscietra Sturgeon Roe - 10 grams

In the palate it slightly reminds us of butter from the south of Chile and European huzelnuts.

Caviar Oscietra

We are working with caviar experts to prepare, with care and dedication, the process of extraction from the female, in order to achieve the best flavour and texture of the world’s most appreciated eggs.


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