The origins of the southernmost caviar in the world.

In the depths of the earth and the sea, in South America, focusing on the production of sturgeon and caviar. Parral was chosen for standing out as a zone of pure and abundant waters, in order to create the southernmost aquaculture center for farming this thousand-years-old species.

“What nature did not unite, Kenoz did”.

Our values

Kenoz has accepted this new challenge with the purpose of achieving the most flawless quality and nobility in the products that offers. Sturgeons are treated with the delicacy that the most refined palates of global gastronomy deserve, in order to achieve the most pleasant flavour and texture.

Local innovation

Parral’s aquaculture center has become a focus of attention and interest for the community, by its innovative character and the valuable support of local collaborators to an equally original and unique adventure, a real example of the diversification of the aquaculture activity in our country.

Yo, Kénoz, he sido enviado desde la Cúpula Celeste a este mundo. Temáukel me dio la misión de dar forma a las montañas, separar las aguas del verde de las hojas y con barro crear al primer hombre y a la primera mujer.

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